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Meet the Permanent Residents of NMLC!

box turtle

The National Marine Life Center is home to three resident turtles, aside from our usual sea turtle patients.  The three residents include two box turtles, Violet and Daisy, as well a diamondback terrapin named Lindsay. Daisy and Violet came to us in 2014 after being rescued from an illegal animal situation in New Bedford, MA, […]

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Is it a turtle, a terrapin, or a tortoise?


Recently, the National Marine Life Center welcomed Lindsay, a diamondback terrapin, to the family. Two Eastern box turtles, Daisy and Violet, are also NMLC residents in the Discovery Center. Next door in our hospital, Jedi, Nicky, and Gunst, our three Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, are in the recovery process and on their way to being […]

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Weekly Update


Off to a good start this week! Veterinarian Dr. Rogers Williams came in today for the weekly rounds and was able to check up on Barclay, our harbor seal pup, Cherry, Gage, and North Star, our three Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, and Tide, our loggerhead sea turtle. Blood work was taken on the Kemp’s ridleys, […]

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