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TEACHER WORKSHOP: Go Under the Sea with STEM

Posted by on May 15, 2019 in Featured, Teaching | 0 comments

Join us for this One-Week Institute for Middle and High School Educators! REGISTER ON-LINE: Go Under the Sea with STEM and Investigate Marine Life From Open Ocean to Coastal Shores! Discover how technology and engineering have advanced the study of marine animal science as you explore the natural history of many diverse, fascinating, and often mysterious animals of the marine environment. ~ Engage with scientists in the field and discover new tools,...

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Patient Update May 13th

Posted by on May 13, 2019 in Animals, Featured | 0 comments

Patient Update: 5/13/19  Welcome back to the National Marine Life Center’s Patient Update! As this is our first update of 2019, I’d like to kick things into gear by trying out something a little different from the previous patient updates. We have been very busy this year with the Unusual Mortality Event (UME) continuing on from 2018, with our remaining turtle patients from the 2018 cold stunning season, open houses and events, transports and releases, and incoming seal patients going through extensive rounds of tests for a virus related...

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Summer Day Program: Discover Marine Life !

Posted by on May 8, 2019 in Featured, Teaching | 0 comments

Back by popular demand – “Discover Marine Life,” the National Marine Life Center’s summer day program. Dive into the world of marine animal biology and conservation as you spend a week getting to know your favorite seafaring species. Discover how wildlife rehabilitation experts tend turtles, study seals, and doctor dolphins! Learn about sharks, fish, and invertebrates. Explore a tidal habitat and collect critters to study throughout the week. Participate in a variety of other exciting indoor and outdoor...

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Learning science…. You can help inspire youth!

Posted by on Dec 31, 2018 in Featured, Kids Who Care, Teaching | 1 comment

Do you remember first learning about science? What was your experience like? Did you love it? Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. These “STEM” skills are important, both for individual success and community sustainability. And yet, we are falling short. Far too many young people say they “don’t like” science or “can’t do” math. We even hear this from students participating in education programs at the National Marine Life Center. And yet, when questioned why they’re here, they say with...

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Thriving in the wild… You can help advance science!

Posted by on Dec 30, 2018 in Animals, Featured | 2 comments

Otitis media. You may know it as an ear infection from which your child suffered. Did you know that seals get ear infections too? This was the case with Jones and Bear, two harbor seal pups rehabilitated at the National Marine Life Center. Jones and Bear originally stranded because each had been separated from their mothers. While this can happen for a variety of reasons, sometimes people on the beach get too close to a seal pup and inadvertently scare the mother away. It is important to stay at least 50 yards away from any seal on the...

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Cold-stunned and entangled…. you can help #73!

Posted by on Dec 29, 2018 in Animals, Featured | 1 comment

It was a brisk, sunny November day when Number 73 stranded on Cape Cod, barely moving and near death. The young Kemp’s ridley turtle was suffering from cold-stunning – a form of severe hypothermia. For Number 73, the effects of being cold-stunned have been devastating. She suffers from a serious case of pneumonia. Her white blood cell count is elevated, her oxygen is depleted, and her electrolyte levels are abnormal. She is a very sick turtle. Even as Number 73 fights to regain her health, she faces an additional challenge. At some...

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Spectacle of Trees – Win a Tree and $14.5K Worth of Gifts!

Posted by on Dec 10, 2018 in Event News, Featured | 0 comments

“Shining Stars and Sparkling Seas,” there’s something for everyone under NMLC’s tree! Donate $10 for a chance to win this beautifully decorated tree and over $14,500 worth of gifts! This holiday tree is adorned with glass ornaments and sea themed animals in brilliant blues and greens, reminiscent of soothing ocean breezes. It includes gifts both sparkly and nautical to accommodate everyone on your list. Featuring the following, and more! Electronics A 50 inch Samsung UHD TV Beats by Dr Dre Bluetooth Earphones An...

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New Volunteer Orientation: December 1st, 2018

Posted by on Nov 16, 2018 in Event News, Featured, Volunteers | 2 comments

The National Marine Life Center functions with a great deal of support from our amazing volunteers. Whether it is helping to file paperwork in the office, answering phones when they ring, educating the public about marine animals and rehabilitation, or working with the rehabilitation patients themselves, our volunteers are there! We could not function as well as we do here at NMLC without our amazing crew of hardworking and dedicated volunteers and interns! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the National Marine Life Center,...

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Order your NMLC 2019 Calendars!!!!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2018 in Animals, Featured | 2 comments

The National Marine Life centers beautifully designed calendars are full of amazing pictures with  sea turtles, a diamond back terrapin, Box turtle, seals and red bellied cooters. This is the perfect gift to give this holiday season. When you purchase a  calendar, you will not only will you put a smile on someones face when they see our past and present patients but you will also be helping to aid in the care for endangered sea turtles this winter. If you would like they can be picked up at NMLC or you can purchase them here on our...

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Patient Update November 7th

Posted by on Nov 7, 2018 in Animals, Featured | 1 comment

Patient Update November 7th   Seals:             Jones Jones has done very well in DJF, one of our larger seal tanks. As a result of the spread of the Unusual Mortality Event down as far south as Virginia, we were no longer able to release these healthy animals without further intervention. We vaccinated our three seal patients against Phocine Distemper Virus (PDV), and they will receive a booster shot for this in a few weeks’ time, after which they will be ready for release! Jones specifically has done...

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