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Open House! For the Love of Turtles

February Vacation Week

Do you love turtles? Have you ever wondered how the National Marine Life Center cares for endangered species of turtles like the Kemp’s ridley or the Northern red-bellied cooter? Have you got a turtle story to share, perhaps how you’ve helped them cross the road? Then join us… For the Love of Turtles, our February Open […]

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Cold-stunned and entangled…. you can help #73!


It was a brisk, sunny November day when Number 73 stranded on Cape Cod, barely moving and near death. The young Kemp’s ridley turtle was suffering from cold-stunning – a form of severe hypothermia. For Number 73, the effects of being cold-stunned have been devastating. She suffers from a serious case of pneumonia. Her white […]

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NMLC Calendars Are Here!


Have you heard the news? We have NMLC calendars now! They feature harbor seal pups and weanlings, grey seals, Kemp’s ridley sea turtles, and red-bellied cooters! Included in our calendars are also fun facts about each animal. If you are wondering what to get someone for the holidays, look no further! These calendars are a […]

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