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Patient Update: December 18th


PATIENT UPDATE December 18, 2017           Seals 2             Sea Turtles 32 SEALS   Bella LugoSEAL– Bella recently received her pre-release exam and we are so excited to send her off into the world soon! She is happy and healthy in her pod and it is great to see her with a flipper tag! Bella’s face looks […]

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Patient Update: October 5th


PATIENT UPDATE   October 5, 2017        Seals 2           Sea Turtles 2 Recent Releases RoSEALind Franklin– Rosie did very well here at NMLC, coming from Bar Harbor, ME, where she was found in the street in the early morning. She was roommates with Sealonardo DiCaprio who is still here at […]

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