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Patient Update- December 4th

Bella Lugoseal

PATIENT UPDATE December 4, 2017           Seals 2             Sea Turtles 32 SEALS   Bella LugoSEAL– Bella is doing quite well and has been eating great! You may have seen a very cute video of her passing gas lately on our Instagram! She is doing well in her pod and we are excited for her to heal! […]

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Patient Update: November 13th


PATIENT UPDATE November 13, 2017           Seals 1             Sea Turtles 2 Current Patients SEALS Bella LugoSEAL– Bella is our newest weanling harbor seal who came to us from Rye, NH courtesy of our friends at the Seacoast Science Center. She arrived with dead tissue on her face and an injured jaw. Our veterinarian Dr. Williams has […]

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Patient Update: September 21st

Albert Einstein

PATIENT UPDATE September 14, 2017          Seals 5             Sea Turtles 2 SEALS SEALonardo DiCaprio– Sealonardo DiCaprio is still working on gaining weight! Since moving to the large tank he has become very playful and curious. Leo loves playing in the faux kelp forest and has even become one of the best eaters here at NMLC! SEALbert […]

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