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NMLC’s First Round of 2015 Summer Pups Return Home to the Ocean

harbor seal

On Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 the National Marine Life Center’s staff, volunteers, and interns were joined by a crowd of about 500 supporters to send three seal patients back into the wild. Harbor seals Basil, Juniper, and Sea Salt checked out of rehab at about 6p.m. and were transported to Scusset Beach State Reservation to […]

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NMLC’s New Pup Room


This season we have taken in more stranded pups than ever before. With all these beautiful babies in our hospital, we soon found that we were quickly running out of room. Enter our heroes Wendy and Mark Wyman. Mark put his stellar building skills to work, laboring as soon as he got out of work […]

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Seal Season


The NMLC has just gotten its first seal pup — Belmont. He is every bit as adorable as I imagined, but his arrival makes me wonder about seal births and stranding. Seals give birth on land, and they will leave the pup on shore when they hunt (despite its being able to swim). It is […]

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